What are Binary Options?

With the rise of new technologies various forms of investment that allow the user to economic growth they have emerged. This is the case of BINARY OPTIONS; there are simple forms of investment available to any user.

The mode of operation of binary options is to speculate or infer the rise or fall of the price of any particular asset, for a stipulated time. For matching the result the user can generate profits of up to 100% in a short time, so that more and more users take advantage of this form of investment there.

There are several platforms that offer binary options, some of which are Stockpair, GoMarkets, OptionFair, Anyoption, Core Liquidity, Empire Option, among others.

The process for working with binary options begins with registration in any of the platforms that offer the service, then choose an asset that can be currencies, commodities, stocks and other categories.

You must then make a prognosis or speculation about the behavior of the chosen asset, taking into account the length of time stipulated. And determined the behavior of increase or decrease the price of the asset is necessary to select a monetary amount to be invested. Thus is it necessary to invest in binary options and start opting for higher profits and reduce losses through strategies to determine the decisions to be taken.

The first question that comes to mind of a prospective user and investor in this mode is % this mode is that if it is safe to invest in binary options. While it is true that there were people who lost money by investing in this mode, it should be noted that as in any investment transaction the user accepts a potential risk of losing your investment.

The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary

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